Lead Lined Doors And Frames

Lindstrom Corporation fabricates Vertically Steel Stiffened Doors, 1~3/4” thick as specified.

Doors will be fabricated of:

  • 16- or 14-gauge face sheets of commercial grade cold rolled steel or A60 Gavaneal
  • Doors will have continuous vertical steel stiffeners of 20-gauge and will be spaced no further than 8" on center
  • Doors will be filled with mineral rock wool
  • Top and bottom of doors will be reinforced with continuous 16-gauge steel channels, spot welded to both sides of doors
  • Hinge reinforcements will be 7-gauge steel angle, 12" long
  • Cylindrical lock reinforcement will be 16- with 11- thread depth
  • Other lock and closer reinforcements will be 12-gauge
  • Doors will be reinforced for all surface type hardware
  • Drilling and tapping of surface hardware to be done in the field by the installer
  • Edges of door wil be seam welded and gromd to ensure smooth finish

Undercut: 3/4" standard
Other undercuts as specified
Hinge Backset: 1/4" standard.


Lead lined frames supplied by Lindstrom Corporation will be lined with 1/16" thick lead.
The lead will he formed into the profile of the frame on the door side rabbet and stop.

Lead lined doors supplied by Lindstrom Corporation will be supplied with 1/16" think lead. The lead will be in the center of the door. The door ribs will be high hat style similar to molding used on the standard doors.

Lead Lined Doors And Frames