Door Frames Specification

Lindstrom Corporate manufactures custom hollow metal frames as specified.

Frames are fabricated of:

  • 14- or 16-gauge commercial grade cold rolled steel
  • 14- or 16-gauge A60 Galvanized
  • 14- or 16-gauge G90 Galvanized as special order, unprimed
  • 12-gauge commercial grade cold rolled steel

Profiles are power brake formed in accordance with details shown on plans. Jambs and head are assembled with tongue and slot connection. Miters accurately fitted, continuously welded on face, and ground smooth. Some profiles will be required to be manufactued with square cut head and jambs. Spreaders will be welded to the bottom of the jarnbs to ensue safe shipment but do not rely on for parallel alignment in field setting.

Frames will be reinforced as follows:

  • Hinge reinforcement 7-gauge, 12" long
  • Strike reinforcement 16-gauge with 11-guage thread depth
  • Flush bolt strike reinforcement 11-gauge
  • Closer reinforcement 12-gauge, 12" long
  • Frames will be suitably reinforced for closers, brackets and other surface applied hardware
  • Drilling and tapping of surface hardware to be done in the field by the installer.


  • Frames will be thoroughly cleaned after assembly, filled when necessary to ensure a smooth finish, and given a prime coat of rust-inhibiting primer paint.
  • The primer will be air dried.

Hinge Backset:  5/16" standard
Backbends: 1/2" standard
Double Rabbet: Equal Rabbet is standard. Unequal is standard @ 5-3/4 j.d. or less