Stainless Steel Doors

Fire Labeled DoorLindstrom Corporation facilitates Vertically Steel Stiffened or Styrene Core Doors, 1-3/4" thick as specified.

Doors will be fabricated of:

  • 16- or 14-gauge face sheets of commercial grade Stainless steel type 304 or 316
  • Doors will have continuous vertical steel stiffeners of 20-gauge and will be spaced no further than 8" on center
  • Doors will be filled with mineral rock wool, Polystyrene optional
  • Top and bottom of doors will be reinforced with continuous 16-gauge steel channels, spot welded to both sides of doors
  • Hinge reinforcements will be 7-gauge steel angle, 12" long
  • Cylindrical lock reinforcement will be 16-gauge with 11-gauge thread depth, other lock and dose reinforcements will be 12-gauge
  • Doors will be reinforced for all surface type hardware
  • Drilling and tapping of surface hardware to he done in the field by the installer
  • Edges of door will he seam welded, ground, and refinished to match face


  • Satin No. 4 finish standard
  • Other finishes available, please specify

Undercut: 3/4" standard
Other undercuts as specified
Hinge Backset: 1/4" standard
3/16" or 1/8" available

Shipping Options

Expedited fabrication and 2 week quick ship options available.