Acoustical Hollow Metal Door STC 51 Assembly

Lindstrom Corporation manufacturers a vertically steel stiffened 1-3/4" acoustical hollow metal door which was tested by Architectural Testing, Inc., York, PA, and achieved an STC 54 in a sealed test. When installed in a hollow metal frame by Lindstrom and sound seal gasket and threshold package by Zero Corporation, the opening may carry an STC 51 label.


  • 14 ga face sheets of commercial A60 or 304 stainless steel
  • Doors will have continuous vertical steel stiffeners filled with mineral wool and additional sound deadening material
  • Hinge reinforcements will be 7 ga steel -All other reinforcements will be 14 ga
  • Doors will be reinforced for all surface hardware. Drilling and tapping of surface hardware to be done in field by installer

Sound Seal Gasket Package

  • Perimeter Seals- Zero #770 head and jamb seals
  • Zero #119WB- Spring Bronze trim
  • Threshold -Zero #564

Hardware Options

  • Hinges- HW Butt hinges I Cam lift hinges I Continuous Hinges
  • Lock Sets- Cylindrical I Mortise I Rim Exit
  • Electric hardware- Tested with electric raceway I EPT prep

Finish: Doors will be thoroughly cleaned after fabrication and given a prime coat of rust inhibiting paint. The primer will be air dryed.

Undercut: 3/8" Hinge backset: 1/4" Size limitations: Call Factory TEST RESULTS PROVIDED ON REQUEST 

Shipping Options

Expedited fabrication and 2 week quick ship options available.