Kick And Armor Plates

Kick Armor Plates

Odd Sizes: Odd sizes will he priced at the next larger size.
Scxewsz All plates are fumished with Philips head. undevcut, or pan, stainless steel metal screws, plated to match and pacloed with eadl plane.
Beveling: All plastic plates are beveled top and two sides at no extra cost. All other plates 12" high Of less - $1.25 ea. net. Plates over 12" add $2.25 ea. net.
Scxewles Mountilgz 12' high or less ass $5.00 ea. to |lEI’. Plates wer 12" high add $9.00 (by dodale foam tape) each ho NEI.
Cutting for lower: Priced on request.
Cutting for Cylinder: Add $9.50 each net.
Extra Row of Screws: Add $15.00 each net.